16 July 2014

Regulations on the Folk Art Festival at the National Sorochynsky Fair

1. Purpose and objectives

1.1. Folk Art Festival is held aiming the provision of the Ukrainian amateur art development, preservation and promotion of folk songs, rituals and support of craftsmen, promoting of artistic and creative outlook of the participants, enrichment of their spirituality, search and support of skilful, gifted, talented individuals, setting and establishing of close creative relations between the regions of Ukraine and other countries of the world and individual creative teams and performers.

2. 2. Founders and organizers

2.1. LLC "Sorochynski yarmarok", Poltava Regional State Administration. The festival is supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Ukraine.

З. Conditions and procedure

3.1.The festival is held annually in August in v.Velyki Sorochyntsi, Poltava region during the National Sorochynsky Fair. For the Festival we invite professional and amateur folk groups of Ukraine and other countries of the world, masters of arts and crafts, artists, comedians.

3.2. There are two stages of the Festival:

I - competitive performances of the participants (5 min.)

II - concert program of the teams participating on the stages and venues of the National Sorochynsky Fair (performances are held within 5 days under a separate schedule).

3.3. Creative products proposed for the contest are judged according to the following criteria:

  • level of performance, stage culture;

  • costumes, skillful use of performance elements;

  • originality of performance of the creative product;

  • reflection of the local material in the creative product. 

3.4. Language of the  creative product – optional. Supporting music for participants may be: their own instrumental accompaniment, accompanist, dance groups can have a audio recording. 

3.5. Assessment of the participants is conducted by a jury, which consists of leading artists and cultural figures of Ukraine, directors of art folk groups.  

3.6. All auditions are held in public. Juryof the contest, with the consent of all members, may decide to shorten the program, terminate the performance that goes beyond regulations. 

3.7. The distribution of performing order among the participants is determined at the meeting of the jury by open vote. The jury's decision is final and not appealable. 

3.8. Masters of arts and crafts receive Festival Participant’s Diplomas. The best of them get right to conduct workshops on the territory of the fair.

4. Filing procedure

4.1. Applications for participation in the Festival are accepted before August 1 by the Organizing Committee of the National Sorochynsky Fair  (detailed conditions and addresses are attached).

5. Accommodation for the participantsof the Festival

5.1. Accommodation of the Festival participants is at the expense of the organizers of the Festival.

6. Financial Conditions

6.1.Festival funding is provided from at the expense of the organizers and other earnings.

7. Prizes and awards

7.1. Top teams-participants of the festival determined by the jury are awarded with diplomas and  presented with memorable gifts from the organizers and sponsors.

Awarding of the winners is conducted in the days of the proceeding of the competition program.

7.2. At the initiative of government agencies, public organizations and associations, businesses, foundations, the jury has the right to award a participant with additional special diplomas and prizes.

8. Information support

8.1. The Festival will be publicized by the local and national mass media (radio, television, print media).