Social Face of the Sorochyntsi Fair

The National Sorochyntsi Fair is an event which takes its pride not only in its extraordinar popularity but also in significant social projects. The most important of them - is capital assistance for Velyki Sorochyntsi and Velykosorochynska village council.

The funds were allocated for the construction and maintenance of the drainage and water supply, electric tools and electricity costs, purchase of the office appliances, culture center and monument renovation , development of the project documentation for solid domestic waste landfill. The assistance isprovided for the rural regular school, hospital, M. Gogol Museum and Spaso - Preobrazhensky church, to the football team of Sorochyntsi and for the celebrations and cultural activities running  for the local inhabitants.

For the participants of the Fair the following benefits and privileges are provided as the supply of the free exhibition space for the craftsmen who have a Certificate of the  national master of Ukraine , for disabled people and handicap organizations, vocational schools.  The entreprineurs of Poltava region are given a discount of 10% of the exhibition area cost. Poltava Regional State Administration was given some free space for the presentation of 25 districts of the region.

Today in Ukraine Sorochyntsi Fair is the only exhibition and fair event where admission complimentary for guests. Free is the arts and cultural program, including daytime and evening concerts of the celebrities, performances of the professional and amateur groups, discos, fireworks and other kinds of  entertainment.

The official Fair catalog (10 thousand copies) and the newspaper "Natsionalnyj Sorochynskyj Fair" (10 thousand copies), books, brochures, programs, flyers and other printing are produced annually and distributed free of charge to participants and guests. Press  accreditation and assignment of the participants of the Folk Art Festival are for free.

Each year, the charity support of the regional foundation "Law and Order" and the charity fund "Veteran" is provided. By means of the company the presentation of the Sorochyntsi Fair in Estonia and in July 2013 the official visit of the delegation of the village Velyki Sorochyntsi and of LLC «Sorochynski yarmarok» to Slovakia and Poland (26 people in total) were held.

LLC «Sorochynski yarmarok» spends anually over one million UAH on the  social projects.