Promotional presentation services at the Sorochynsky Fair

Title of the ordered services

Price, UAH

Remote participation in the Sorochynsky Fair (placement of the standard information about the enterprise into the catalog)


Advertisement in the Official Catalog of the National Sorochynsky Fair(in full colour, electronic, circulation 10 000 copies)

Commercial module and logo placement

2 000

Advertisement in the newspaper "Natsionalnyj Sorochynski yarmarok"

(in full colour, A-3 format, circulation 10 000 copies, is distributed to visitors and participants of the fair)

pages 2-3


page 4 

1/2 of the page – 2100 UAH

1/4 of the page – 1800 UAH

1/4 of the page – 2000 UAH

Distribution of promotional brochures/leaflets

(in the territory of the fair)

500 copies

1 000 UAH

External advertisement

Banner 5х1 m

Billboard 6х3 m

Banner for the main entrance 5*1

Nonstandard places

Banner on the fence next to the main stage (height 1,6m, width 2.5 m)

Banner on the fence around the main stage 2.5 * 5.0 (length multiple 2.5m)


3 000 UAH

3 500 UAH

2 000 UAH

From 1000 UAH

5 000 UAH

3 000 UAH

Presentation events

(presentations, tastings, promo actions)

Development of the script

Conducting of the events at the customer expositional place 

Conducting of the events at the equipped sites of the fair (excluding main stage)

Accreditation of the promoters (group up to 5 people)



from 3 000 UAH*

from 1 500 UAH/h*


from 3 500 UAH/h*

2 000 UAH

*the final price depends on the contents of the presentation program

Placement of information about the advertisement events

during the program of the cultural and entertainment events

during business program of the fair

3 000 UAH

2 000 UAH

Advertisement on the radio of the fair

commercial up to 20 sec

commercial up to 30 sec

commercial lasting more than 30 sec

100 UAH

150 UAH

200 UAH

Enterprise- participant has no right to:

  1. Conduct of advertisement campaigns using amplifier equipment without prior consent of the Organizer. Reconciliation is held not later than two weeks before the start of the Fair.
  2. Conduct independent promotions using the airspace above the field of the Sorochynsky Fair.