Sorochynsky Fair today

National Sorochinskiy Fair is the biggest in Ukraine and the most well-known beyond its borders Fair-Exhibition event. Its uniqueness is in the fact that it has preserved since XVIII century till nowadays. Once a year it traditionally takes place at Fair Square of 16,2 hectares of open air territory in the center of village of Velyki Sorochintsi, Myrgorodsky district, Poltava region in the nest to last week of August. The Fair is vividly described in the novel “Sorochinskiy Yarmarok” (cycle of novels “Evenings on a Farm Near Dikanka”) by genius of world literature Mykola Gogol. The reason of the Fair’s megapopularity is both bright and funny word of Gogol's humor, and also those who now prepare and hold it. Since 1999 “Sorochinskiy Yarmarok” LLC has been the organizer of the event, its inspirator and manager has been Svitlana Svyscheva, a Dame Commander of the Princess Olga Order of III-II categories 

Every year more than a thousand of companies, private entrepreneurs, craftsmen, catering and entertainment establishments participate in the Fair. Thousands of participants of artistic musical bands, songs and dance folk art demonstrate their skills at five stages, in the evening there are concerts of Ukrainian pop stars and inflammatory discos. Among more than half a million of people visiting the fair, there are up to 30 delegations from near and far-abroad countries, representatives of diplomatic missions accredited in Ukraine (the event has been attended by representatives of more than forty countries around the world over the last ten years), more than 300 journalists of print and electronic mass media, leaders of our country and other high-ranking state guests.

Today National Sorochinskiy Fair is the only event in Ukraine, visiting of which gives the most complete understanding of both our country and its people, economy, history and culture. The territory of the fair is divided into sectors. Thus, in the industrial sector are there are exhibitions of companies of various industries from all regions of Ukraine and abroad. Various trade is concentrated in the sector of private entrepreneurs, and more than 30 cafes and restaurants of Ukrainian and other national cuisines will feed everyone interested with tasty and healthy food and provide an opportunity to taste drinks from around the world. But the special pride of the organizers of the fair is the ethnographic territory and craftsmen town. Houses of Ukrainian peasants of XVIII-XIX centuries (different social status - rich, poor, middle) are recreated or reconstructed at ethnographic territory. Ethnographic mini – museums are freely open to all comers in each house. Furniture, dishes, clothing and other household artifacts that provide insight into the life of Ukrainians during a definite historical period are displayed in the expositions of these museums. Expositions are continually expanded by acquisitions made by the organizers during ethnographic expeditions.

Two craftsmen towns allow getting a full picture of the traditional folk arts and crafts of each and all regions of Ukraine. The vast majority of represented products are handmade, of very high quality. Secrets of their manufacturing are kept in families or individual towns and handed down from generation to generation over last several centuries. You can see wares from wood, bone, clay, stone and other natural materials. The schools of traditional Ukrainian embroidery, sewing, braiding and weaving are widely presented. There are many paintings, written by folk artists. There is weaving from twigs, beads, things of wondrous beauty forged by blacksmiths.
The cultural program of the Fair is worth of a particular attention. Arts groups and individual artists, both professional and amateur constantly perform at five stages during all six days. Any group wishing to perform at the Fair and filing an application in time can do it to the delight of many visitors who will enjoy their art.

The territory has all conditions for both journalists work, and carrying out events of business program. The press-center with 100 places with air conditioning and insonation was built and decorated in ethnic style.
In the conditions of modern development of Ukraine, saturation of market with goods and services, development of trade at a civilized level of XXI century, relevance and attractiveness of National Sorochinskiy Fair is that it has become the center of national culture and diplomacy and is developing in this very direction.
Keeping the fair traditions of the distant past, the current fair gives a new modern sound, well and tastefully combines the history and present, confidently looks into the future