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Sorochynsky Fair today
Theatrical entertainments
Handmade articles
Exhibitions of companies of various industries

August 17-22, 2021

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«Sorochynsky Fair today»
«Theatrical entertainments»
«Handmade articles»
«Exhibitions of companies of various industries»

Sorochinskiy Fair 2019 in numbers

More than 2 thousand

participants of the Fair

Every year lots of companies, private entrepreneurs, craftsmen, catering and entertainment establishments take part in the Fair.

5 foreign


Expositions of foreign goods are interesting and attractive, because none of the presented products can be purchased anywhere, but only at the Sorochynsky Fair.

3 thousand participants of the

festivals “Yarmarynka” and “Yarmarynochka

Thousands of participants in performance ensembles of musical, song and dance folk art demonstrate their skills on three stages.

More than 25 cafés

and restaurants

Restaurants of Ukrainian and other national cuisines will feed everyone with tasty and healthy food and will provide an opportunity to try drinks from many countries of the world.

More than 700

thousand guests

Many positive and vivid impressions are awaiting the guests of the Sorochynsky Fair, a unique cultural and artistic program.

15 Diplomats

and delegations

The peculiarity of the Sorochynsky Fair is that it is interesting and attractive not only for Ukrainians, but also for foreign guests – both official delegations and individuals.

250 journalists

and mass media

We sincerely thank the mass media for spreading the information about the National Sorochynsky Fair throughout Ukraine!

20 years

with Ukraine!

Today, the National Sorochynsky Fair is the only event in Ukraine the visit of which gives a complete picture of ​​both our country and its people, its economy, history and culture.

Sorochynsky Fair News

Partners and sponsors of the Fair

Телеканал новин 24

Master classes



Production of ceramic products from pottery clay. The ancient craft of many nations of the world refers to the traditional crafts in Ukraine.



According to many historians, the Slavs were engaged in spinning and weaving as far back as the Common-Slavic era.



Blacksmiths have long produced a variety of weapons and items for household purposes.

Hair decorations

Hair decorations

The wreath is one of the most ancient decorations. They were made from wildflowers, branches with berries and ears of wheat. The wreaths were real protection charms.

Beeswax candle making

Beeswax candle making

Beeswax candle making is a kind of the beekeeping craft. These candles were used for consecrating homes; they were put in a wedding loaf.

Straw weaving

Straw weaving

Weaving from natural materials straw, marsh plants is an ancient type of craft and folk decorative-applied art.

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How to get to the fair?

Address: 37645, Poltava Oblast, Myrhorod Raion, village Velyki Sorochyntsi, Myrhorodska Str. 40 A

Tel: (0255) 3-38-90, +38 (0532) 50-82-11, +38 (0532) 50-82-12

Email: sorochiny@ukr.net, sorochiny@gmail.com