Fair kaleidoscope, 6 day

Fair kaleidoscope, 6 day

Day Six, the last – Goodbye until next year

Today is Thanksgiving Day of the Fair.

The organizer of the National Sorochynsky Fair – Sorochynsky Fair LLC thanks the participants of this year's event, the hundreds of thousands of guests who visited it, and many journalists of electronic and print media who shared their positive and vivid impressions of the fair with spectators and readers.

We thank everyone who helped us prepare and hold the Fair.

Special thanks and deepest gratitude to our Sponsors and Partners: for many years in a row, we have received support and assistance from TM Chernigivske and TM Belaya Bereza.

ТМ «Чернігівське

ТМ «Бєлая Бяроза»

These are time-tested true and reliable friends. We sincerely thank the Sponsors – ТМ Cotnar, ТМ Zhivchik, the international mobile operator LycaMobile.

міжнародний мобільний оператор Лайкамобайл

General media partner – TV channel NASH Maxxi TV provided a significant informational support.

During the festivities on the occasion of the closing of the Fair, which will take place in the evening, a lot of cordial words will be said and many gifts will be presented.

Alyona Karat, Honoured Artist of Variety Arts of Ukraine and guest stars, “LEPRIKONSY”, the band from the Republic of Belarus will be performing on the main stage.



All good things come to an end fast. But there is a hope for a meeting at the National Sorochynsky Fair – 2020!